The Art of Scale Modeling by Eero Kumanto

I've been a scale model enthusiast since year zero. During the years I have created my own special style in which
I combine scale modeling and art together. Sometimes less, sometimes more.
You can spot a lots of scratch building and outside of the box thinking in my work. I'm mainly concentrated
on cars but every now and then I step out of my comfort zone too. I mostly create stuff for my own purposes
but I also do commissioned work.

I've participated scale model events and competitions since 2003 for example in
Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, USA, Germany, Poland and France and a lot of my work has been presented in media.
The main rule is that the models you can see at my site are not for sale. However I've created a special Signature Series
where you can get a piece of your own if you fancy.


Copyright: Eero Kumanto